I have a custom error page set up on my Community, and I use it to track analytics about when my community is crashing. Each time a user hits the error page, I track the page they were trying to reach ($Site.OriginalUrl) and the specific error message ($Site.ErrorDescription).

Ever since Spring '14 was released, I've been catching 40+ crashes a day on a page called /communityPrefix/secur/deleteSessionCookie.jsp. Strangely, ErrorDescription is always blank - there's no error message to debug with. In addition, I haven't heard anything from any of my users about there being crashes in the community, which is surprising for something that's happening so much.

Have you seen this before? How can I debug and solve these crashes?


/secur/deleteSessionCookie.jsp is a page whose purpose is stated in its title -- it deletes your Salesforce cookie, thereby logging you out of Salesforce.

You can try it like this:

  1. Log into your Salesforce community
  2. Go to /secur/deleteSessionCookie.jsp in a new tab
  3. Reload your original tab -- you'll be asked to re-authenticate.

This answers the initial question, but doesn't explain why there have been 'page crashes' logged on this page.

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