Recently I created a Journey powered by an automation. One of the automation steps logs every SubscriberKey that enters the Journey onto a logging data extension.

After reviewing performance I noted that the log DE indicates 3 times as many subscribers as the total number of emails sent indicated by the Sent Data View table. (I've copied my query for that below.)

Can you offer some ideas why the Journey may not be sending emails to these users?

Kind thanks.

select sub.SubscriberKey
,jy.JourneyName as JourneyName
,cast(s.EventDate As Date) as EventDate
from [_Sent] s
join [_JourneyActivity] ja on s.TriggererSendDefinitionObjectId = ja.JourneyActivityObjectID
join [_Journey] jy on ja.VersionID = jy.VersionID
join [_Job] job on job.JobID = s.JobID
join ent._Subscribers sub on s.SubscriberID = sub.SubscriberID
where jy.JourneyName = 'my_Journey'

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