In VS Code, I performed these steps:

  1. Ran the command 'SFDX: Create Project with Manifest'.
  2. Ran the command 'SFDX: Authorize an Org' and authorized the org.
  3. Right-clicked the package.xml file and clicked ' SFDX: Retrieve Source in Manifest from Org'.

After the process of retrieving the components ran, I then expanded the force-app menu, but I cannot see any of the components underneath. For instance, when I expand the 'classes' menu under 'force-app', I cannot see any of the Apex classes in my org. I am not sure why this isn't working.

After step 3 was completed, the output displayed this-

sfdx force:source:retrieve --manifest c:\Users\The PATH\manifest\package.xml ERROR: Error: read ECONNRESET Unhandled rejection Error: read ECONNRESET at TLSWrap.onStreamRead (internal/stream_base_commons.js:205:27) sfdx force:source:retrieve --manifest c:\Users\THE PATH\manifest\package.xml ended with exit code 0

Can someone please help me out?

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The error indicates that a network issue occurred and your connection was reset whilst retrieving the package.

I get this error ever so often, re-trying usually helps.

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