If i do this:

 1 async connectedCallback() {
 2    this.showSpinner = true;
 3    await this.getTableInformation();
 4    this.showSpinner = false;
 5 }

Spinner starts but never ends. Still a breakpoint in line 4 will show this as the proper context and this.showSpinner as false.

However If I do this:

connectedCallback() {

async getTableInformation() {
    this.showSpinner = true;
    const [columns, rows] = await Promise.all([ this.getColumnsConfig(), this.getRowsData()]);
    this.tableInfo = Object.assign(this.tableInfo || {}, { columns }, { rows });
    this.showSpinner = false;

It does work properly and spinner is started and ended accordingly.


    <lightning-spinner if:true={showSpinner} variant="brand" alternative-text="Loading" size="large"> </lightning-spinner>
    <!--Something else here-->

Maybe is worth to mention that when saving inline edit changes, I also call this:

async handleInlineEditSave(event) {
    this.showSpinner = true;
    // logic here
    this.showSpinner = false;

Any idea why first version does not work?

  • seems fine to me, thought might be issue with using connectedCallback instead of renderedCallback but shouldn't matter. Can you also add how you use {showSpinner} in UI?
    – ytiq
    Mar 12 at 12:25
  • And another question is, do you set this.showSpinner = true; anywhere else in your code?
    – ytiq
    Mar 12 at 12:27
  • I added the details Mar 12 at 13:04
  • have you created a property for showSpinner on component?
    – ytiq
    Mar 12 at 13:17
  • WOW... just checked... I totally forgot to do it and that was the problem. Thank you so much. If you add that as a responde I will mark it as vest answer Mar 12 at 17:22

Make sure you have created a property for showSpinner otherwise, UI wouldn't update

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