I have a trailhead playground org (not a scratch org) for which I've created multiple aliases and now I'd like to know how I can keep one and delete all the others using the Salesforce CLI? Also, is there a command that allows renaming an org's alias?

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To see all the orgs you have with the aliases associated use the command:

sfdx force:org:list 

To see all aliases you set:

sfdx alias:list

To remove the alias alone, you can use the command:

sfdx alias:unset <aliasName1> <aliasName2> <aliasName3> ...

this will remove the alias, but keep the org.

If you want to remove the org you can logout of the org using:

sfdx force:auth:logout -u <aliasOrUsername>

this will remove it from your list until you authorize it again.

to rename an alias, you can use the command

sfdx alias:set <newAlias>=<usernameOrValue> 

if the org already has an alias, I don't believe that the newAlias will override that alias displayed in your org list, so best way to go about it would be to first unset the alias for a username and then reset it as necessary.

hope that helps answer your question.


Salesforce CLI Command Reference

alias Namespace

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