I'm trying to create a record trigger flow. My use case is to update automatically a field (Data type : Number) found in the Case depending on the number of records which have a type of Task.

If the Type (picklist) of Task (related to Case ID) is equal to "Escalation" , then the field (Number) of the Case is automatically updated by iteration (added +1 each time a record is created on Task if the Type is "Escalation".

Example : 3 Tasks have been created on Escalation, then the field "Number of escalations" found in my case is updated to 3.

I attached my flow, but I don't know if it's a good process and how to add by iteration the number of escalations. enter image description here

Thanks a lot for your great help


  • I would solve this with the (free) DLRS package as it will easily (declaratively) deal with the rollup counts and supports adds/updates/deletions – cropredy Mar 9 at 17:29

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