I would like to get all the opportunities created yesterday. So, my formula variable "Yesterday" is as follow: ( {!$Flow.CurrentDate} - 1 ). However, when I added this variable into the opportunity filter condition, CreatedDate equals "Yesterday". It does not return any opportunities and I'm expected 4, which I created with createddate equals to "Yesterday". Created date is my only filter criteria.

Is my "Yesterday" formula correct? Thank you in advance.

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The $Flow.CurrentDate returns a Date, and the CreatedDate on your Opportunity is a DateTime. So first you might think you just need to match them up - but it appears you cannot do these sorts of date comparisons in flow conditions as per:


So the workaround they recommend is to create a checkbox formula field on the Opportunity (in your case) which is checked when your condition is true (CreatedDate is yesterday).

Then in your flow, check that this checkbox is true.

  • Thank you for you feedback. Much appreciated it.
    – user7123
    Mar 7, 2021 at 18:06

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