New to Omnichannel. Have reviewed docs for initial config but have a couple of questions I can't seem to find a clear answer to. Would appreciate any veteran's guidance:

Scenario: We have setup 2 omnichannel queues for CASES:

Tier 1 Support - contains 3 agents

Tier 2 Support - contains 2 agents

When Tier 1 Support queue with all available online agents hits 100 % capacity, we would like any new incoming, would-be "pending to-be-routed items" for Tier 1 Support to assign to the Tier 2 Support queue instead of just holding for pending routing in Tier 1 when more agents come online or when capacity frees up.

We were originally thinking that this was the purpose of designating the 'overflow' assignee in the config of the respective routing configurations, but my understanding is that overflow assignee only gets referred work items if Omnichannel/ORG hits it's "service limits", not queue "working capacity".

We would prefer to keep the agents in the two distinct queues separate and only assign to Tier 2 when Tier 1 is full. We do not want Tier 2 agents to be listed in the Tier 1 queue so they are not bothered by Tier 1 assignment requests unless necessary.

Is there a way to assign to a second queue when the first queue hits 100 % capacity?

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