Omni-channel Supervisor shows a number in "Workload" column that differs from the total AgentWork Capacity for the same user. How is this Workload filed calculated? I guess it must consider some filter to aggregate results from AgentWork object. But I didn't find this definition in any documentation, and users are complaining about it.

One example: User1 har a WorkLoad of 33/30 in Omni Supervisor: enter image description here

If I query: SELECT CapacityModel, CapacityWeight, IsOwnerChangeInitiated, IsStatusChangeInitiated, OwnerId, UserId, CreatedById, Status, WorkItem.CaseNumber FROM AgentWork WHERE Status IN ('Opened') AND UserId = '0054T000001mAWaQAM' It returns 84 records, all of them with CapacityWeight = 1.0

enter image description here

So my question is: how is the WorkLoad defined in Omni Supervisor? intuitively, I expected it to be the sum of opened AgentWork CapacityWeight for specific User, but that is not what I can observe. Any hints?

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