I am trying to create a data set for Campaign object in our sandbox but get an error on Sync Campaign (Replication) when the dataflow runs:

Something went wrong while executing the Sync_Campaign node: Fields [CloneSourceId, ShowCampMembChart] are not available. Verify that the fields exists and that the Analytics Cloud Integration User profile has Read level access on the fields. (02KN0000000WOZFMA4_03CN0000001tt4bMAA)

I tried looking for these fields on the Campaign object but its not there. What object has those fields for me to give access?


Figured this out. For anyone else who may encounter a similar issue.

Even though the fields are unchecked in my sfdcDigest, they need to be unchecked in Data Manager -> Connect -> SFDC_LOCAL -> Campaign object

When I ran my dataflow again it no longer had any issues.

enter image description here

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