I have an email with interactive form that sends the result to a Data Extension. However, I notice that when a subscriber has responded more than once, it records all the responses in my DE. I want to just get the latest response in my DE. Is it possible to just update the response in my DE? TIA.

  • Try to pass the "_SubscriberKey" as hidden field and mark it as PrimaryKey, so that you will have only 1 record per subscriber.... More details about IEF here salesforcefan.com/post/… Mar 5, 2021 at 4:55

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This is covered in this help doc : Interactive Email Form FAQ

Your data extension configuration can impact how email forms write to the data extension. If your data extension doesn't have a primary key, the system adds a row upon form submission. If a primary key is defined, the system attempts an upsert to overwrite the record, but if the payload is missing any primary keys, the system generates a unique ID for the record.

So as Vishal pointed out you can do this with an hidden field, but it doens't have to be.

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