If an agent is typing an Email (under Chatter component) and edits a field on the Case record, hits Save, then the written Email disappears (as all components on the page are refreshed).

This might be standard SF behaviour but wanted to confirm - Is there a way in which the Email section is not refreshed whenever a Case record is saved? It's inconvenient for users to have to write emails separately in Notes and then copy them over to workaround this behaviour.

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You can enable email draft functionality from the Setup Menu> Support settings> Enable the checkbox "Enable Email Drafts". clickpath to enable the setting

This will not discard the email text when you edit and save a field on case object.

On an additional note,you can also save Your Chatter Posts as Drafts as mentioned in the Winter'19 release notes .Hope this helps!

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    Thanks @Swetha for both the settings - useful information!
    – gutsyfella
    Mar 11, 2021 at 17:20

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