My team is currently attempting to migrate out of Salesforce Community, but we are having a really hard time figuring out how we could:

  1. Export all discussions
  2. Export all users

The documentation for this was really hard to find, perhaps because community discussions are just a specific instance of a more generic "chatter" type?

I am still a newbie in Salesforce, but after reading dozens of docs I couldn't figure it out. Would really appreciate any pointers in the right direction.

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This question is broad so it will likely be closed but to give you a direction to look at:

You should look at FeedItem, FeedPost and FeedComment. This ERD will be helpful. The feeditems can also point to a ContentDocument.

An ETL tool would be helpful in this scenario. We did a similiar migration with Talend free ETL (not endorsing it, you can use anything else).

enter image description here

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