I am getting parsing error is below query:

    id, name, Excercising__c, 
    opportunity__r.id, opportunity__r.Contract.Status 
from option__C 
    opportunity__r.Contract.status__c='current' AND 
    Excercising__c  ='No' AND 
        Option_to_Renew_First_Date__c =system.today()+180   OR 
        Market_Review_First_Date_Landlord__c=system.today()+180 OR 
        Excercise_Start_Date__c =system.today()+180 OR 
        Market_Review_First_Date_Tenant__c= system.today()+180

can someone please help me out of this? I am getting parsing error in code between the () as I checked after removing them and it is working as expected. Kindly help.

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    Isn't it just that you are missing the : in front of System.today()+180 ? – Sergio Alcocer Mar 1 at 8:12
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    ye, same and you need to wrap into :(system.today + 180), maybe a good idea to put it into a separate variable before the SOQL – ytiq Mar 1 at 8:13
  • I tried after putting : , It is still giving parsing error. I cant add the variable as I am passing this into batch class from schedulable class – Anoop Mar 1 at 8:18

Use a colon to specify a bind variable (as also mentioned by others in comment):

Option_to_Renew_First_Date__c = :System.today().addDays(180)

Another alternative is to use the SOQL date literals. Example:

Option_to_Renew_First_Date__c = NEXT_N_DAYS:180

Note: NEXT_N_DAYS doesn't includes TODAY

For adding today in filter, use Option_to_Renew_First_Date__c IN (NEXT_N_DAYS:180, Today)

enter image description here

  • @Rahul: Thanks... I updated my code to Option_to_Renew_First_Date__c = NEXT_N_DAYS:180 and it is working now. Appriciate you help :) – Anoop Mar 1 at 8:48
  • Welcome, also the NEXT_N_DAYS doesn't include today's date, see my edit if you also want today's record in filter. – Raul Mar 1 at 10:02

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