I have a object with setting public read only but with permission set can i override it? Like if i want to delete or edit other records if user has a permission set assigned?

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Yes, the Modify All permission for the particular object would give you access to edit and delete record owned by other users.


Yes you can give edit and delete permissions as needed on the permission set.


Key concepts:

  • The Organization Wide Defaults for an object define which records a user has visibility to.

  • Sharing rules can extend that access to additional records for that object.

  • The user's profile defines what actions can be performed on the records the user has visibility to. Actions: Read/Edit/Create/Delete)

  • The user's permission set(s) can extend (though not take away -- exception: muting permissions) the actions that can be performed on the records that are visible to the user.

  • Some permissions in the profile/permissionSet supersede the sharing rules/record visibility; notably View All, Modify All on the object; and View All Data / Modify All Data

Best practice is usually to start with minimum privileges: {record sharing, object permissions} and then add sharing rules/object permissions as needed.

For example, you could start with an OWD of Private and all users (except sysads) with Profile Minimum Access - Salesforce and then, through Sharing Rules, Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups build up a suite of tightly-controlled access to records and operations upon them.

It is easy to add permissions/access; it is much harder (config/testing time-wise) to start taking away permissions/access in an existing org

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