The Sendable DE I am using to send emails has fields ReplyToName and ReplyToEmailAddress to which a reply to that email should go to. These two data elements may be different for each email sent.

I set up RMM as follows: Checked box Use Custom setting below

In the Forward to: section selected the second radio button

Use specified information

Name: %%ReplyToName%%

Address: %%ReplyToEmailAddress%%

In a test I replied to the email I sent myself using Postman. The email address in *ReplyToEmailAddress* never received the reply.

Is AmpScript substitution allowed in these fields? If not does someone have a suggested solution?

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I was able to resolve this myself. I am posting a simplified answer here. In reality I am also checking for blank/null values and substituting default values etc.

Add the following AmpScript in the Name and Address fields under the Specified Information section

Name: %%[SET @FromName = AttributeValue("ReplyToName")]%% %%=v(@FromName)=%%

Address: %%[SET @ReplyToEmail = AttributeValue("ReplyToEmailAddress")]%% %%=v(@ReplyToEmail)=%%

ReplyToName and ReplyToEmailAddress are fields on the Trigger Send DE record.

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