My problem after deleting contacts from Marketing Cloud, the connection between the SDK and Marketing Cloud is lost. And the contact is not created again in the Marketing Cloud, after the application is installed. The result I have contacts in my application, but this contact is not in the Marketing Cloud. It is possible to define the SDK so that the Marketing Cloud Update /generates new contacts every time the contacts are not available.

Another problem application user who change their devices several times (android than IOS than android ...) the assignment is also lost here. The Marketing cloud shows me that a push, but it is not.

We will use the flag delayRegistrationUntilContactKeyIsSet(true) in the next application version. But that doesn't solve the problem. But according the documentation, a contact key ( in the form of device id ) is not generated when the APP is initialized' but rather with the setContactKey("[Email]")


private fun setSaleForceMCContactKey(userInfo: UserInfo?) {
        MarketingCloudSdk.requestSdk { sdk ->
            val registrationManager = sdk.registrationManager
            val systemToken = registrationManager.systemToken
            if (userInfo != null
                    && !TextUtils.isEmpty(userInfo.email)
                    && !TextUtils.isEmpty(systemToken)) {
                //Set contact key

best regards, Kammel Heib

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