I have the following AMPScript:

var @Custom_2, @variable

set @Custom_2 = Custom_2

if Not Empty(@Custom_2) then
     set @variable = concat(" ",@Custom_2)
elseif Empty(@Custom_2) then
    set @variable = ""

And am printing the results in an email with:


Custom_2 is a nullable text field. When previewing a record with an empty Custom_2, the word 'FALSE' is printed when the expected value is nothing should be printed.

Using this AMPscript below resolves the issue, as does renaming the Custom_2 field to anything else, but I don't understand why.

 if Not Empty(@Custom_2) AND Not(@Custom_2 == "False") then 
   set @variable = concat(" ",@Custom_2)

Both Custom_1 and Custom_2 share the same field properties. I've tried deleting the field from the data extension then re-adding it, only to encounter the same issue.

Is there documentation that explains why this would be occurring?

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    Please update your question to include the code that's setting the @Custom_2 variable -- prior to your conditional. – Adam Spriggs 2 days ago

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