There are three objects Account, Contact and Term(this object has master detail relationship with Account and is also a part of a managed package)

Account OWD:Private Contact OWD: Controlled by Parent Term OWD : controlled by Parent

Use Case: I want community users to see only contacts related to the Account , but i want the users to see all the term records (irrespective of the Account)

What all i tried: 1.I tried changing the OWD of the term(I cannot due to master detail with Account) 2. I tried deleting the master detail relationship on the Term Object , i could not because the field belongs to a managed package.

Now how do i tackle this? How can i let the community users see all the terms and only contacts related to that Account?


  • What community license are you using?
    – RedDevil
    Commented Feb 23, 2021 at 8:57

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Since TERM has a master detail relationship with Account, the visibility will depend on the parent, you won't be to give access to all details records i.e. TERM records without exposing the Accounts (View All on Term or sharing rules if you have Community Plus license)

The only option would be create a page + controller in without sharing mode and the record UI page as well but the access will be limited to this page only (No global search or standard list views)

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