We are having some trouble getting accurate sending reports of our Journeys. As far as I know, there are at least 3 places where you can view reports of deliverability, sendings, etc. for Journeys:

  • Email studio > tracking > sends > Journey Builder > Sends
  • Journey Builder > History
  • Analytics Builder > reports > Journey Builder Email Send Summary

I have been checking all of them and I found inconsistencies between the numbers and other data (like the time of send, which is not consistent between Journey Builder History and Email Studio Tracking, probably because a timezone bug).

I suspect that the numbers are not updated at the same time in every place. Is this true?

What do you use to check out the sending numbers (emails sent, bounced, etc) for Journeys, and

Which one do you think is the most accurate or suitable?

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  • Journey Builder reporting's pretty flakey. I'd focus on the tracking statistics that are much more mature. – Macca Feb 21 at 21:26
  • Thanks @Macca. I tend to check tracking statistics too, but I got a bit pissed when I found the timezone discrepancy. Apparently the "time sent" was not accurate with the timezone we have set up. – Daniel A 2 days ago
  • Tracking data is reading off the data views. These store data in CST (which is GMT-6)...they won't be reformatting to yours or your accounts time zone. Use the Journey Builder History to help error handling - not as a source of truth for anything. Both your other 2 reports should be relatively accurate...I have seen issues in both historically from time to time but they are largely accurate – Jarrett Bush yesterday
  • Thank you so much @JarrettBush. – Daniel A 12 hours ago

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