I have a requirement to invoke the user creation page to prepopulate some fields. I'm using the following URL:


The problem with this URL is that it is not redirecting to the whole user creation page but it is displaying a New User popup withh very limited fields. Does any one knows which ons is the URL to the user creation page? Thanks,

  • defaultFieldValues with user object takes the User Profile Page Layouts, so it shows the fields that are configured in that layout. If you are looking for page in Manager Users, it may not work unless there is any other hack around it. Feb 18 at 17:20
  • Hi Brahmaji. Yes, I configured that page layout but still not all the fields can be accessed, like User License, Marketing User, Offline User...I was hoping that there is a way to use Manager Users page. Also, I'm not able to save the user from that popup, I'm getting an error that doesn't tell me much when I try to save: "No access to field . Either the field was removed from the entity or access to this field was removed." Thanks,
    – Raul Mora
    Feb 19 at 19:58

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