I am facing this issue that my Open CTI method callbacks are not executing in an org where I have installed managed package. They work absolutely fine on the org where I developed my application as well as if I upload my package as unmanaged. So, the problem I am facing occurs only when managed package is installed on an org.

Sample code:

var enableClickToDialcallback = function(response) 
 if (response.success) 
    console.log('API method call executed successfully! returnValue:', response.returnValue);
    console.log( 'Click to dial unsuccessful ' + response.errors);

function enableClickToDial() 
      sforce.opencti.enableClickToDial({callback: enableClickToDialcallback});

Other Open Cti methods are also not executing callbacks so it is not related to enableClickToDial only.

Please suggest a solution, Thanks.

  • After you package the CTI app and install it in another org, are you able to see the "Open CTI Softphone" in the utility bar to test the VF page?
    – Swetha
    Mar 2 at 14:02
  • I am not packaging app, rather code only. After installing package, I create app and include "Open CTI Softphone" in utility bar.
    – Badar
    Mar 3 at 5:30

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