I have removed Modify All Data permission in System Permission for one of the permission set. But, what I am seeing is a weird error which I dont have any clue to fix it. I searched everywhere for the solution but in vain. I am a system administrator but still I got this error. Please see the screenshots below.

Additional Info: I have just found Journey Builder Events and Journey Builder CDC Events are all related to platform events and resides in a managed package. But, I dont know why I am seeing the error related to platform events when I tried to update the system permissions.

Screenshot 1:

enter image description here

Screenshot 2:

enter image description here

  • Have you checked on the object permissions? It seems to me that is complaining about the sObject permissions, not the "general Modify All data". (It seems to be telling you that this permission set is assigned to users of license "Salesforce", which does not grant access to those objects Feb 16 at 23:14

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