I am working on building a custom flexipage template. The expected behavior is that the lightning page will have two columns that independently scroll. I have the two columns, and the ability to scroll however I am having trouble with Highlights panel and Path being responsive without cutting off fields when the window size changes.

Below is a screen shot of the window size 1850 x 1050 enter image description here

Here is a screen shot of the window size 1440 x 900 enter image description here

In the second screen shot you can see the last two fields are cut off. The behavior I am expecting would be that the fields wrap to a new line.

enter image description here

Here is the markup:


<aura:component implements="lightning:recordHomeTemplate"
            description="A record page, 2 columns both scrollable." >
<aura:attribute name="left" type="Aura.Component[]" access="global" />
<aura:attribute name="right"  type="Aura.Component[]" access="global" />

    <div class="container">

            <lightning:layoutItem flexibility="grow" class="slds-m-right_small slds-var-m-right_small scroll-y">

            <lightning:layoutItem size="{! $Browser.isDesktop ? '4' : '6' }"
                                  class="slds-m-left_small slds-var-m-left_small scroll-y">



<design:component label="2 Column Page">
<flexipage:template >
  <flexipage:region name="left" defaultWidth="Medium" />
  <flexipage:region name="right" defaultWidth="Medium" />

</flexipage:template> design:supportedFormFactors <design:supportedFormFactor type="Large"/> <design:supportedFormFactor type="Small"/> </design:supportedFormFactors> </design:component>

I am new to coding, so I appreciate your help!

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