I have lightning-formatted-number with currency type and if value has more than 15 digits then it doesn't work (left is work, right not):

enter image description here

I show it with a wired method and I have 100 fields, so I don't want to have 100 getters. Is there a way to avoid this without getter?

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Are all of those digit significant? If not, can you modify the values when generated? You mentioned "a wired method"; if the values are being computed in Apex, you can use Decimal.setScale(). Like Decimal.round(), it supports eight different rounding models, but unlike round() it allows you to round to a specified number of decimal places.

The method returns a new Decimal, so you'll need to apply it to your calculated value and store the result. Here's an example pulled from one of my projects:

this.tx.Local_Amount__c = (Math.abs(writeoff.Local_Amount__c) * guarantor.Guarantee_Percentage__c / 100.0).setScale(2, LoanUtil.RoundingMode);

In this case, LoanUtil.RoundingMode is a centralized constant to allow all rounding code in the system to use the same value, which can be changed if needed. In practice, we only ever use RoundingMode.HALF_EVEN, as this is the most common for financial transactions. If you expect lots of values ending in '999...' which you don't want rounded up, consider RoundingMode.FLOOR.

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