The problem looks like this The problem looks like this image.

I have followed the instructions:

Visualforce pages that use the Standard Controller can’t be used in dashboards. To be included in a dashboard, a Visualforce page must have either no controller, use a custom controller, or reference a page bound to the StandardSetController Class. If a Visualforce page does not meet these requirements, it does not appear as an option in the dashboard component Visualforce Page drop-down list.

I have used custom controller with the pages to be shown on the dashboard but the dashboard shows Visualforce components aren't available.

I have marked the pages to be used for Salesforce1 any thing else i am missing ?Any help is appreciated.


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This looks like an undocumented restriction on dashboards in the Salesforce1 application to me. Even Visualforce pages with no controller and a couple of lines of HTML markup produce the same error message for both the installed iOS app and when accessing via the Safari browser.

There doesn't appear to be a known issue for this, or an anything on the idea exchange, so you are probably best raising it with support.


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