I have a relationship like below and i get an error like - the inner select field Customer_r cannot have more than one relationship.

I want to find customers where products are having customer id and belongs to the books category.


  • id
  • name
  • Country


  • id,
  • name
  • category
  • Customer_r --> id, name

I tried with the below query but not worked.

SELECT id, name from Customers_c WHERE id IN (SELECT Customer_r.id FROM Products WHERE Customer_r .id != NULL AND category = 'BOOKS')

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Instead of using __r.Id, use __c instead.

SELECT Name FROM Customers__c WHERE Id IN (SELECT Customer__c FROM Products WHERE Category = 'Books')

There's no need to filter out null values, as this happens automatically when filtering on Id.

In general, you should use __c when you want the Id from a lookup field.

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