I have a field called 'Membership_Expire_Date'. I want to calculate the total number of weeks left for a membership to expire. It is easy to calculate number of days with formula Membership_Expire_Date - Today() but how can I calculate the weeks?

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If you know the number of days and that every week has 7 days then it is just a matter of rounding the result as required.

There is a fairly good post in the Trailblazer community on doing this - Calculating Week count based on a date field. The formula that Patrick Sullivan gave:


Note, that is for dates in the past. You'll want to reverse that so you are subtracting from the date in the future. E.g.

ROUND((Membership_Expire_Date__c - Today())/7,0)

If rounding the result of the division operation isn't giving you the result you want you may need to switch to the Floor or Ceiling functions instead.

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