I would except the following code to work but I get the following error:

null occurs as more than one when branch for this switch statement

Any thought why?

BTW, if I add the value in the when as a string literal it works.

Found the same issue somewhere else.

private static String A = 'a';
private static final String B = 'b';
private final String C = 'c';

switch on obj.field__c {  
    when 'A'{ //This works
    when B{
    when C{
    when else {

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You can only use explicit string literals (no variables) in when blocks here. Note the documentation explicitly states a literal value must be used:

When Blocks

Each when block has a value that the expression is matched against. These values can take one of the following forms.

  • when literal {} (a when block can have multiple, comma-separated literal clauses)
  • when SObjectType identifier {}
  • when enum_value {}

The value null is a legal value for all types.

Each when value must be unique. For example, you can use the literal x only in one when block clause. A when block is matched one time at most.

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