I've have the following (simplified) scenario:

Role Hierarchy:

Company -> EMEA -> Account Manager (EMEA)
        -> US -> Account Manager (US)

The "Account Manager" roles (both) are configured like this:

Case Access: Users in this role can edit all cases associated with accounts that they own, regardless of who owns the cases

OWD for Cases are: Private

Emma is an "EMEA Account Manager" (internal user) and owns Account "ACME".

ACME has a Contact and High Volume Customer Portal User (HV User) named "Henry". Henry created and owns a Case (Case no. 4711) that is linked to ACME and Henry's contact.

There is another internal user "Uma", who is in the "US Account Manager" role. She also owns a case for ACME (Case no. 1234).

My question now: Why does Emma only see case no. 1234 (the one owned by the US Account Manager Uma)?

According to my configuration she should be able to see both cases related to ACME (because of the role configuration - it says "regardless of who owns the cases").

When I share the cases via sharing group it works but that's not really what I want.

This shows who can currently see what (without sharing groups):

Case Emma (Account Owner) Uma (other role branch) Henry (HV User)
4711 (owned by HV User) No (WHY?) No Yes
1234 (owned by internal User) Yes Yes No

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Per the documentation, HV Portal users cannot be assigned to roles, so role-based sharing doesn't apply to them. You have to use sharing groups.

  • Thanks David, but I'm aware of that documentation. The HV user owns the case but Emma owns the account. I'm not expecting the case to be shared through the role hierarchy (which btw is also not the case for Uma's case). So according to the role configuration for the internal user (Emma) it should not matter who owns any of the account's cases. Emma should see all...
    – Christoph
    Feb 14, 2021 at 17:01

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