Setting a variable with the complete A tag does make the WAC ignore the link, but it also gets ignored by the regular link tracking function. Is there a way to make a link be ignored by WAC, but not by link tracking? --> custom name="opencounter" type="tracking"

I want to track the clicks on the link, but not pass any parameters to the URL using WAC.

  • You would need to disable parameter manager to stop appending the WAC strings – EazyE Feb 11 at 20:09
  • I can’t verify it myself now, but what about adding IIF in WAC which checks linkname? Something like this: %%=IIF(INDEXOF(linkname,”nowac”) > 0,’’,[WAC Params go here]))=%% – Lukas Lunow Feb 12 at 14:09
  • EazyE, I don't want to disable the WAC altogether, just on a specific link. This would be on a link that the WAC parameters are causing the link to break or for some other reason. I want all the other links in the email to have the WAC tracking. – Troy Thibodeaux Feb 13 at 15:10

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