I have below lwc components hierarchy.Custom events are fired in the Child2 , handle it in Parent , do some modification to the payload and assign it to a @track property (filters) in parent . On click of a button in Child1.cmp , it should always save the values of childfilters. However, childfilters is undefined , though filters is not a undefined. How can I have childfilters in Child1.js same value as filters in Parent.js during button click in Child1.js


    <Child1> childfilters = {filters}



 filters = [];
 // Some code
 filters = SomeValues;


<Child 1>
    <lightning:button onclick = {savefilter}>
 </Child 1>


     console.log('childfilters '+childfilters); // this logs undefined 
  • Can you please post the exact code in Parent.js where you're handing the custom event and assigning new value to filters?
    – Jay Rathod
    Feb 9, 2021 at 12:58

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Your child should notify the parent when there's a change:

<lightning-input ... onchange={handleFilterChange}>


// Inside child1.js
handleFilterChange(event) {
  this.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('filterchange', {
    detail: { childfilter: { /* fill this part out */ } } }

And the parent should handle it:

<c-child1 childfilters={filters} onfilterchange={handleFilterChangeEvent}>


handleFilterChangeEvent(event) {
  this.filters = event.detail.childfilter;

Alternatively, you can set an @api get and set method, then return some sort of backing variable that may have been updated:

@api get filters() {
  return this._filters;
set filters(value) {
  this._filters = value;

Which you then query on-demand:

const filters = this.template.querySelector('c-child1').filters;
// do something here

I wrote a complete working example using generic HTML in this web component.

The demo doesn't build a complete complex object, but you can build as complicated of a detail property as you need.

If you use the get/set method, it is recommended that you validate the input instead of just accepting whatever comes in (as in my example).


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