I'm trying to escape a string but I had no success so far.

This is the response body:

{"text":"this \"is something\" I wrote"}

Please note that there are 2 backslashes to escape the double quotes char. (This is a sample. Actually I have a big to escape with lots of "text" elements.) When I try to deserialize it I get the following error:

System.JSONException: Unexpected character ('i' (code 105)): was expecting comma to separate OBJECT entries at [line:1, column:18]

I've tried to escape by using:

String my = '{"text":"this \"is something\" I wrote"}';
System.debug('test 0: ' + my);
System.debug('test 1: ' + my.replace('\"', '-'));
System.debug('test 2: ' + my.replace('\\"', '-'));
System.debug('test 3: ' + my.replace('\\\"', '-'));
System.debug('test 4: ' + my.replace('\\\\"', '-'));

--- Results:

[22]|DEBUG|test 0: {"text":"this "is something" I wrote"}
[23]|DEBUG|test 1: {-text-:-this -is something- I wrote-}
[23]|DEBUG|test 1: {-text-:-this -is something- I wrote-}
[24]|DEBUG|test 2: {"text":"this "is something" I wrote"}
[25]|DEBUG|test 3: {"text":"this "is something" I wrote"}
[26]|DEBUG|test 4: {"text":"this "is something" I wrote"}

Note that in test 0 Salesforce automatically escaped my string. --- What I need as result:

{"text":"this -is something- I wrote"}

Please, does someone has any fix to share?

Thanks a lot.

  • What's the actual problem you're trying to solve? Is it the JSON parsing of your string, or the regex replace on your string? Your examples show nothing about JSON.
    – Nick Cook
    Feb 6 '21 at 5:42
  • Have you tried the method I showed below? I have verified it works. Feb 8 '21 at 22:30

When in doubt, you can just iterate through the chars. It's not pretty, but I was able to get it to work like this:

Edit: OK, Dang, you are right. Looks like Apex can't even see that char.

Try this SUPER hack.

String str = '{"text":"this \"is something\" I wrote"}';
str = str.replace(' ', '^^^');
Boolean done = false;
Integer count = 0;
Map<String,Object> jsonMap;
while (!done){
    if (count > 10){
        done = true;
  try {
    jsonMap = (Map<String,Object>)JSON.deserializeUntyped(str); 
    done = true; 
    catch(Exception e){
    String msg = e.getMessage();
    String s2 = msg.substringBetween('[',']');
    Integer errorLocation = Integer.valueOf(s2.substring( ( s2.lastIndexOf(':')+1)));   
    String str1 = str.substring(0, errorLocation-3);
    String str2 = str.substring(errorLocation-2);
    str = str1 + '-' + str2;
str = str.replace('^^^', ' ');

Makes me feel ill reading that, but it works.

(I'm parsing the exception error to get the column that caused the issue, replacing that column and so on until done)

  • Hi Caspar! Thanks for replying. Your code generated this output: {"text":"this "is something" I wrote"} , but the one I'm looking for is this, without the double quotes besides the "is something" phrase: {"text":"this is something I wrote"} Feb 9 '21 at 23:13
  • Ok, try my next doozie. Horrible, horrible code. But it works. Feb 10 '21 at 1:54

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