This is my first time using Lightning Message Service. I set it up following the directions on this standard documentation page. After setting this up I am able to communicate between two lightning web components on the same page. Everything is working as designed except in testing sometimes when I navigate to a different record page in a fresh tab I get an error Cannot send message with type: force-messageServiceWindowBridge/broadcastMessage because there is no WindowMessengerNoConnectionError() (screenshots below). Often I can refresh the page and I will not see the error again even if I open different records on the same tab.

My use case is I have a custom LWC data table on a work order that allows for inline editing and a few additional features. After certain actions the data table will publish a message letting another component on the page know to refresh its data. Again all of this is working as expected except for the sporadic error described above. I have pasted the relavant sections of the code below. Does anyone know what is causing this error?

Screenshot of Error

Screenshot of Console Error

enter image description here

Excerpt From the Component that Submits the Message

/* Import message Features */
    import { publish, MessageContext } from "lightning/messageService";
    import refreshProgressBars from "@salesforce/messageChannel/RefreshConfigurableProgressBars__c";

export default class workOrderItemsTable extends NavigationMixin(
) {


  handleRefreshProgressBars() {
    try {
      publish(this.messageContext, refreshProgressBars, {});
    } catch (error) {
      console.error("Error refreshing progress bars", error);

  handleCreateNewChild(event) {
    this.loading = false;
    this.openNewRecordModal = false;
    var numOfRecsToPull =
      this.records.length > 10 ? this.records.length + 20 : 10;
    getDataHelper.call(this, numOfRecsToPull, 0);



Excerpt from the Component that Receives the Event

import {
} from "lightning/messageService";
import refreshProgressBars from "@salesforce/messageChannel/RefreshConfigurableProgressBars__c";
export default class ConfigurableProgressBar extends LightningElement {
  subscription = null;


  connectedCallback() {
    if (!this.subscription) {
      this.subscription = subscribe(
        message => this.handleRefresh(message)

  disconnectedCallback() {
    this.subscription = null;

  handleRefresh() {
    this.loading = true;
    console.log("refresh progress bars in component");
      .then(result => {
        this.loading = false;
      .catch(error => {
        this.loading = false;
        this.handleError("Error refreshing progress bar", error);


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