I want to debug my LWC component from within a Community. However the Debug mode dosen't affect the minification of the JS in the as a Community User, only in the Builder ( that dosen't work for my purposes ). I know I can debug from outside, creating a Lightning Page, however I'm in a B2B Commerce Store Community and my component is supposed to be communicating with a std B2B component, so I wanted to debug the integration between them.


if you are trying to debug the JavaScript, I would recommend using the Chrome dev console. You can pretty print the JS so it is easier to read and you can add your own breakpoints right there in the console.

I work on LWC community components all of the time and my process is to test as a user and open the Chrome dev tools to analyze any issues. These tools are far more robust than the Lightning debug tools provided by SFDC.

Here is a primer on the above: https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/javascript

Best of luck to you!

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