I'm running into an issue with the use of the embedded service settings snippet. It works fine when I do the following with the embedded_svc.settings.language = 'en'

embedded_svc.settings.extraPrechatInfo =
                "entityName": "Contact",
                "showOnCreate": true,
                "saveToTranscript": "ContactId",
                    "isExactMatch": true,
                    "fieldName": "Email",
                    "doCreate": true,
                    "doFind": true,
                    "label": "Email"

The contact record that has the same email as what's input in the prechat form is found and linked properly.

If I do this embedded_svc.settings.language = 'fr', it does not find the relevant contact record. I thought at first it was the translation of the field that may be affecting the label but I also tried using the translated term for Email in french in the prechat snippet mapping. No dice there though.

Please let me know if there's a workaround in this case.

  • I was able to figure out the issue. The way we were using this functionality required us to hide fields that wouldn't be necessary to create the link between the Contact record and the Case/Chat transcript. But there were required fields, so we populated them with a random value to get past the validation. Somehow that + having a language besides english causes this error to happen. Where the Contact link couldn't be found despite the emails being the same. – Franz Feb 4 at 21:41

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