in my dataflow I have a computeExpression that should add a "Date" field. That date field should always contain the first of the current month (e.g. for right now: Feb. 1st 2021).

I've tried to do it like this:

toDate(toString(now(), "yyyy-MM") + "-01")

My idea was to take the current date, get it as a String without the day (e.g. "2021-02") and convert it into a date again with a fixed day-string of "01".

However this results in a strange error message when I run the data flow:

Something went wrong while executing the Month + 1 node: Only the dataflow owner or users with the View All Data permission can download the log

Note: Month + 1 is the label for my computeExpression.

If I simplify my SAQL expression to, say:


It works just fine: I get the current date: 2021-02-03.

My question now: How can I get the first of the month in that date field?

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Okay I've found the solution.

For anyone else stumbling upon this:

You need to add a time component to the expression. It's not explicitly documented but with that it works, so I've came up with that expression:

toDate(toString(now(), "yyyy-MM") + "-01 00:00:00")

Setting my date field to midnight.

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