I am trying to create an email where it will show the recipient a list of the "Review Accounts" associated with the "Review" object. Where "Review Accounts" is a Child object for "Reviews". Below is what I have but it keeps giving me the "Error: Invalid field LLC_BI__Review_Account__r for Object LLC_BI__Review__c"

<messageing:emailTemplate subject="testing email" recipientType="User" 
    <apex:repeat var="ra" value="{!relatedTo.LLC_BI__Review_Account__r}">


Because you are using a managed package here, it looks like your definition of the relationship name has the incorrect name space LLC_BI

You have:


But the namespace looks like it is LLC based on the relatedToType

So you want:


assuming that is the true relationship name; more likely, it is plural


Check your configuration to get the correct relationship name

  • You were correct, it needed to be plural. I must have mistyped the namespace. – Heeb Feb 4 at 16:34
  • Thank you for the help! – Heeb Feb 4 at 16:35

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