I was wondering if there is any active open-source SF project to which you can contribute and learn.

I saw only one, NPSP but it seems to be closed for us to contribute since there is no helping guide about how to install it from the source.

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Open Source Projects

Note that not all projects may be under active development, and the contribution process may differ broadly between repositories.

Prospective contributors should review the project, look for open issues and/or a contributing guide, and consider reaching out to project maintainers if they identify a feature or issue on which they'd like to contribute.

Off-Platform Open Source Projects


Disclosure: I am an employee of Salesforce.org and am involved in many of the projects mentioned below. All projects mentioned are free and open source.

Salesforce.org Open Source Projects

Salesforce.org maintains a number of open source projects targeting the nonprofit and education sectors:

These products are all maintained by Salesforce.org engineering staff. They're open source under the BSD License, and you certainly could build a contribution for them if you wish.

Open Source Commons

The Open Source Commons program, also run by Salesforce.org, supports open source managed packages targeting the nonprofit and educational sphere. OSC projects are originated and run by members of the community, with infrastructure support from Salesforce.org staff. They are built in part through SFDO's Community Sprint program.

CumulusCI Toolchain

Salesforce.org's open source projects are developed using CumulusCI, which is introduced in this sequence of Trailhead modules. Once you're up to speed on CumulusCI, developing on NPSP or EDA works much like any other project using that toolchain, although of course some projects have unique frameworks, like the TDTM Table Driven Trigger Management framework, and have specific expectations about test coverage, performance, bulkification, and so on.

There are numerous other open source Salesforce projects in the community, covered in a separate answer.

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