since yesterday I started having an issue when I try to use the command SFDX:retrieve source from Org on Aura or LWC items. The command fails and I receive this error message:

enter image description here

Also, I noticed that If I create a new Project (SFDX:create project with manifest), my folder structure for Aura and LWC is somehow messed up:

enter image description here

  • Try updating your SFDX (from command line: sfdx update) and try again
    – Raul
    Feb 1 at 10:18
  • thanks but it seems the same error persists :( I had also some issues with JAVA_HOME not pointing to the correct path, but I fixed it without being able to solve this present issue still. Maybe I should disinstall VS code and reinstall it again with all the extensions
    – MarcoU
    Feb 1 at 14:09

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