I have a VF page that is rendered as pdf, on that page I'm using Helvetica as the font family. Unfortunately, in the pdf, it's not working, and rendering all the fonts renders as Times font.

Helvetica is mentioned as a supported font family in pdf rendering link but one line is also written

Text styled with any value besides those listed above receives the default font style, Times. This means that, ironically, while Helvetica's synonyms render as Helvetica, using "Helvetica" for the font-family style renders as Times. We recommend using "sans-serif".

I have a very poor understanding of fonts and it's families. So if anyone can explain to me what that means and what I can do to render fonts as Helvetica, would be really helpful.


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You need to use sans-serif, as in:

  body { font-family: sans-serif; }

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