I have an existing Lightning record page for a custom object that contains both standard drag-and-drop components and a couple of custom LWCs I developed.

I now have a new requirement to create a Lightning App that will present a queue of these objects to a user that they must process in a pre-defined order. So basically, a parent LWC that contains a previous button, a next button, and a "Record 1 of 20" label, with certain criteria controlling the user being able to move to the next record.

Is there a way to embed the current Lightning record page in the App page so that I don't have to recreate that entire page? A perfect solution would be that I have the record id and just pass it into that "embedded" page and everything just works, but I'm not seeing any way to do that.

The other possibility I was thinking was to somehow incorporate the parent behavior in the record page itself. Bbut that seems pretty hacky and it would be trickier to "initiate" the app to ensure users always go to the 1st record they are supposed to process.

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