I'm writing a code that does Live agent integration with an external system using express js. The integration is working awesome. Here my external system is a python based chatbot. I do some bot chat there and then I do a transfer to agent and this will invoke my live agent, even this piece is working wonderfully.

Now my requirement is, I want to show this chat between my external systems to be shown in the live agent window, so I am sending it as a first message using the below piece of code.

await helperFunctions.sendMessages(

And I'm able to see it in my live agent window.

Here since LA accepts only string, I'm unable to do any customizations like adding different colors for user and bot (the external conversation) within the live agent window.

So, I decided to create a separate component and show the data any of the below ways

  1. I thought of using a trigger to store this data in a (separate) record as soon as the live agent takes up the chat, unfortunately, the LA Chat record gets created after the chat ends, but not as soon as the agent accepts chat.
  2. Thought of LWC solution, unfortunately, we can't access the entire page dom, but only the component dom.

Please suggest to me what can be the approach that I can use to achieve my goal.


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