I have a heroku hobby dyno and I am creating an app that would need to perform a few tasks:

  1. Deploy a front-end website
  2. Run a scheduled background task to make an API request and update a database (DynamoDB)
  3. Host an API to connect the front-end with the database

From my understanding heroku always starts up a web instance (the front-end) and allows the possibility to create multiple workers, one for the API and one for the scheduled job.

I was unclear from their documentation if these 3 separate node apps would run on one dyno (assuming I scaled each of them to one instance) or if I would require multiple dynos to run them all.

Note: This is a hobby project so I am trying to keep the costs as low as possible.

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You can use hobby Dyno and hobby Dyno allows up to 10 different processes, each process running on a single hobby Dyno instance!

You should be fine running each of them in its own hobby dyno assuming you do not have a lot of users concurrently reaching the front end or if you do not have a long-running intensive process!

Note that all of them will share the same CPU (up to 512 MB) and there will be a 50 concurrent requests limit!

All of these is documented here

You can have all the three services you have mentioned in one single node project!

Your Procfile will have an entry for the web process and background worker!

  • Thanks! That helps a lot! I am just confused about your statement about 50 concurrent requests. The link you mentioned states a limitation of Up to 50 concurrent one-off hobby dynos. That sounds like the scheduler can only schedule 50 tasks to execute at once not that the jobs can only make a combined of 50 requests at one time. If you are correct and the total requests at once is 50 does that mean I cannot have more than 50 people using my app assuming there were no background api requests? That sounds like a very strict limitation to me.
    – josh
    Jan 24, 2021 at 23:52
  • Note that it is more than 50 requests hitting the front-end app simultaneously! This will be very rare I believe to have 50 users reaching the app at the same time! Jan 24, 2021 at 23:57

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