I am working on building a LWC that componentizes lightning-record-edit-form, but the form cannot evaluate the lightning-input-field when the fields are nested within another component.

The basic model for this would be described below:

When I've tried this the fields do not render. This is probably due to the shadow tree. Does anyone know a way to make an example like this work?

    <lightning-button label="save" type="submit" </lightning-button>

    <!--These child components would house the fields which are built dynamically-->

<div class="slds-grid slds-wrap">            
    <template for:each={fields} for:item="field">
        <div key={field.Id}>
            <lightning-output-field field-name={field.APIName}> . 

That's just not possible; as you've (correctly) guessed, the Shadow DOM prevents these components from speaking to each other. The lightning-input-field and lightning-output-field must be children of lightning-record-edit-form in the same parent template.

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