I have a trigger After insert on OrderItem.

This Trigger should insert automatically dependents product in the order .

My Problem is that I don't understand how I can efficiently set the PriceBookEntry in this new OrderItem.

Since the context can get orderItems from differents Order with different pricebook, I cannot create map<id,Pricebook>.

this is what I have but it is not efficient.

// Map<PriceBookId,Map<ProductId,PricebookEntry>>
private static Map<Id,Map<Id,PricebookEntry>> getPriceBookEntriesByProductAndPriceBookMap (List<OrderItem> orderItems,Set<id> relevantProductIds,Set<id> relevantPriceBookIds){

    Map<Id,Map<Id,PricebookEntry>> priceBookEntriesByProductAndPriceBookMap = new Map<Id,Map<Id,PricebookEntry>>();

    List<PriceBookEntry> pbs = [SELECT id FROM PriceBookEntry WHERE Product2Id IN : relevantProductIds AND PriceBook2Id IN :relevantPriceBookIds ];
    // populate the map 
    return priceBookEntriesByProductAndPriceBookMap;


Do you have any recommendations or any Idea how I could efficiently set the PriceBookEntry?

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