I have a detail page button on Account Detail page. I wish to open an LWC on clicking the button. The button opens a lightning tab using URL and passes a parameter along with the URL. I have an LWC on the lightning tab with utilizes that URL parameter.

Problem: The lightning tab does not get the parameter in the URL. Hence LWC does not get the parameter.

Lightning tab name: Cops_Rate_Profile_Tab

Detail page button URL: /lightning/n/Cops_Rate_Profile_Tab?MDMID={!Account.Master_Customer_ID__c}

LWC gets the URL parameter as follows:

export default class CopsRateProfileLWC extends LightningElement {


    connectedCallback() {

        //Get the MDMID from the URL
        this.MDMID = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search).get('MDMID');


I referred this website.

I am not able to find what is going wrong. Please guide. Thank You!

  • Is this on Lightning Console Tab ? – Nagendra Singh Jan 19 at 10:53
  • @NagendraSingh No. It's not on console tab. – SFdev Jan 19 at 11:55

You should use a namespace prefix for your query parameter. If the component isn’t part of a managed package you should use c__ as prefix.
So the button url would be /lightning/n/Cops_Rate_Profile_Tab?c__MDMID={!Account.Master_Customer_ID__c} and in the controller you should get c__MDMID.
Please refer to the documentation about query parameters.


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