I need to add my company's email address to my user record in Company's Production org. While I am trying to do so, I am getting an error that this email address is already in use. I checked everywhere(personal dev org, sandbox, production) but it's not visible to be used in any of these. As an alternative, I put this username at login.salesforce.com and hit forgot password. An email came to reset my password and the base url is of my personal dev org. I am however not able to reset it as System is not accepting the answer to security question. I logged in to my personal dev org with another user as System Administrator, but still I can't see any user with the username of my company's email address. I need to update that user record with some other username in my personal dev org and it is urgently needed. Any help is highly appreciated.

  • As you mentioned you were able to login as a system admin try checking if you are able to receive a user id with the username. – Anutej Jan 18 at 12:15
  • Got the issue resolved by raising case with Salesforce Support. They reset the username with some other value. – Gaurav Sharma Jan 19 at 7:07

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