We have a Smart Capture form which is submitted by customers. Some customers are reporting that they cannot submit and nothing happens when they press the Submit button. I tested this myself and it isn't redirecting me to the 'Thank you Page' However some customers are able to submit as I can see their response in the DE as latest as yesterday.


what could be the cause of this? Works for some and not for others.

how can I check which device or browser was used?

We do not have the SSL certificate. Can this cause an issue?

We asked some customers the question and they were using Chrome. I have Chrome and IE but it isn't working for me on either one of them even after I Allow Insecure content Any insight on this is appreciated.

  • This is sorted. I raised a case with salesforce and turns out It is important to have fields in the DE as not nullable if it is a required field in the cloud page. So the cloud page required fields should be non nullable in the DE. – Rahul G Jan 19 at 2:20

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