I have a custom tab in opportunity object in that tab the fields are added through action layout editor, user wants to attach files in that custom component , how can i add the files in custom tab? Reference for example in opportunity chatter is my custom component i need to add files section where user can attach files in that tab. enter image description here

  • are you looking to add file related list as custom tab in your lightning record page? – sanket kumar Jan 17 at 7:21
  • @sanketkumar Yes, Am unable to see the files to add. – Varsha Jan 18 at 3:47

Based on comments, You can achieve it using lightning app builder:-

  • Go to your opportunity lightning record page
  • click on edit page by clicking on setup icon on right top of the screen enter image description here

It will open lightning app builder where you can configure the opportunity lightning record page.

  • Now, click on tab component where your details , related and activity tab exist. Add a new tab there and give a custom name

enter image description here

  • Now, drag the related list single component and select file as related list option enter image description here

Now, save and activate the page. You can see your record page like:-

enter image description here

  • Great...Thanks alot for your help...! – Varsha Jan 18 at 5:51
  • Can we control the visibility of the files? i mean the files which are in custom tab should be visible only by selected profiles is that possible? – Varsha Jan 18 at 10:44

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